Mission statement: To remember and realize who we are.

What is Agni? Agni is the sacred spark hidden within all beings. Agni is the mystic fire that leads one on the journey to greater consciousness, the higher Self. Agni is inner and outer illumination of this Self knowledge and truth that you are perfect and complete. Agni provides the ability to awaken and see this truth. Agni is purification and detoxification. Agni is digestion and absorption. Agni is life giving energy. Agni is the ability to process all aspects of life. Agni is the God of fire. At Agni Miami, we provide a safe space for you to explore this hidden truth, so that you can connect with yourSelf and others on this path towards enlightenment. Agni Miami is more than a community, we are a family.


Carrie Guzanick


Teaches Hot Yoga, Hot Fusion, Hot Pilates and Yin

From a very young age I always felt different, separate. I didn't belong. I wasn't good enough. I knew there was something better out there for me, but what was it? How could I get there? I would fantasize and dream about all the amazing things I wanted to do in life, but often felt paralyzed, shackled and chained. Another day gone by and nothing. Fear had it's grip. What if you saw who I really was? Would you like me? What if I saw who I really was, would I like me? I was living in the bondage of myself. Then yoga found me and my life changed forever. Yoga gave me the opportunity to go inside and look around. For the first time I could see myself and accept myself. Through the darkness, I find the light. I can't tell you the time or the day, but a shift happened. I set my intention, I do my practice, I get into the flow and life unfolds. Today things happen for me, not to me. I connect to something bigger and greater. I no longer swim upstream.

Viviana Villagra


Hot Yoga, Hot Fusion, Hot Pilates and Reiki

I am a channel. I am an instrument. I am not a teacher.
I want to support your awakening, your vision, your self-actualization. If you can be stillness in movement, you will feel. If you can see light even in your darkness, you will observe. I see un mundo de posibilidades (a world of possibilities) and a soul so perfect, so complete. I get it! I spent my whole life trying to be perfect, hiding my soul because I didn't want anyone to see how broken I was. I grew up in a Christian family with amazing values, but full of judgment. It was through that lens that I had to mold myself. I was the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect wife, the perfect person. For whom? Yoga lead me to a spiritual path I wasn't looking for and day by day, a I found my undeniable truth. I didn't have to BE anybody for anyone. It wasn't easy to see passed the imperfections of my body or of my mind, so much dirt in my mind's eyes, sweat on my skin. I awakened to the higher power the one that can move mountains, and it was right in front of me. The tears in my eyes unveiled the beauty within, the giant within, the power within. Moving energy in the body through the practices of asana, breath work, mantras, reiki, and meditation is my passion. I would love to share the same space with you and let our light shine.

Brian O'Donnell

Studio Manager

Teaches Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates

Brian has been a practitioner of yoga since April 2010 and knew from the first class he was hooked. He first practiced at Bikram Yoga East Harlem in NYC where he quickly became a regular. After 80 consecutive days practicing, the studio owner asked if he would be interested in becoming a teacher. Fall 2010 brought Brian to San Diego, CA to take part in the 9 week intensive Bikram training. With only 5 months of practice under his belt this proved itself to be both a challenging and rewarding experience. Brian now calls Miami his home and loves the diversity and dedication of the students in this community. When not teaching hot yoga or pilates, you can find Brian in the recording studio. He produces electronic music, scores for TV and film and creates interactive media projects for the fashion industry.

Francesca Petrecca

Teaches Hot Yoga

Francesca was born in Napoli, Italia and moved to the US in 2001. She came to yoga on horseback, as a rider of racehorses and jumpers. After a severe injury she turned to yoga in 2009 for rehabilitation. In addition to healing from her injury and herniated disc she began seeing great improvement in her flexibility and mental well-being. She decided to put all her attention on becoming a yoga instructor in hopes of helping others. She moved to Miami from Brooklyn in August 2012 and immediately went to Los Angeles to receive her Bikram Yoga Certification. Then in April 2015 she became a mother to her beautiful baby girl, Oriana, and immediately started teaching her breathing exercises, meditation and yoga poses on a daily basis. She is blessed with this amazing miracle of life! Francesca is very passionate and has a lot of energy and desire to spread this beautiful practice. She hopes students will gain the magical results yoga gave to her.

Maria Laciste

Teaches Hot Yoga

Maria yearned for some vitamin D, so she decided to take her talents from Seattle to South Beach. Maria realized that she found happiness practicing yoga in the wonderful weather South Florida has to offer. In her past life she worked in a high stressed corporate environment. She discovered that yoga helped provide a sense of calmness and relaxation that she never known. Suddenly she found herself scheduling her life around yoga. Her teachers noticed her dedication and encouraged her to become a certified teacher. She went to teacher training in 2009. Now Maria enjoys teaching and sharing her love of yoga under the sun.

Patricia Antuna

Teaches Hot Yoga

Patricia Antuna's first yoga class was a Bikram Yoga class in 1995 and she instantly loved it. She did the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2005. She brings her knowledge and training to you, teaching from her heart. She believes that more than any other exercise, yoga is what balances life at the end of the day. Patty loves to teach and share the sweaty Bikram experience. She helps others help themselves with yoga's fantastic therapeutic results, inside out! When not teaching Patty is a full time Real Estate Agent.

Courtney Connolly

Teaches Hot Yoga

Courtney tried Bikram for the first time while visiting a friend in NYC for NYE 2012. She was hesitant. She had tried other types of yoga in the past but never completely connected with the practice. Yet, it was cold in December in NYC and when her friend said it was hot yoga she agreed to try. Courtney fell in love with her first class and knew she had to find a studio in Miami. When Courtney began, she was practicing 2x a week, which escalated to 3x a week and by September 2014 she decided to participate in a 50 day challenge. She thought if she still loved practicing after the challenge, she was going to teacher training. The rest is history. Courtney attended teacher training in Thailand in April 2015 and started teaching in July. Now she can't imagine her life without yoga. It's ingrained in her and part of her lifestyle. Courtney knows yoga has changed her from the inside out. She looks forward to sharing the transformational power of the practice with students.

Mayted Ontivero

Teaches Hot Pilates

Mayted was born and raised in Miami. She began practicing yoga in 2010 and has been in love with it ever since. She also enjoyed traditional Pilates classes. Adding heat, high intensity training and bumping music of Hot Pilates took it another level. Mayted was thrilled at the opportunity to become a Hot Pilates teacher and an even bigger part of the Agni Miami family. Mayted's high energy classes are infectious. Her fun loving passion shines through in every class. She enjoys studying and learning new challenging exercises to include in her classes. What really drives her is creating her playlists, which she believes are a big part of the energy she has to offer. Makes you want to get up and dance!

Raquel Ortiz

Teaches Hot Pilates

Raquel or as her friends & family call her 'Keli', has been involved in fitness since her early days. Dance classes & growing up by the beach always inspired her active lifestyle. Keli felt a strong passion for fitness, teaching, spinning and step aerobics in the 90's in her hometown Puerto Rico. After relocating she continued teaching at fitness chains in South Florida. Once She incorporated her production company Keli, Inc; she spent years in the entertainment industry traveling and working on production sets daily with no time for her health & fitness. She experienced the downfalls of how a stressful work and lifestyle took a toll on her mind and body.
After two mayor knee reconstructive surgeries, Keli found herself disabled for a couple of years until she was introduced to pilates as the rehabilitation therapy that got her back to walking again. At this turning point of her life yoga was her savior and Bikram became her obsession, in which she found real healing inside out. When approached by studio owner about Hot Pilates, there was no doubt in her mind this was her true calling. Since completed the Hot Pilates Teacher Training Keli has been dedicated to teaching this form of intense training. It has been a long road of physical/mental recoveries for her to get to this point so she is very careful that her classes are low impact on the joints and muscles therefore improving overall health for the long haul, not just a quick fix. Keli strives for expanding her knowledge and teachings of natural healing and fitness methods and inspires everyone who attends her classes to never give up and awaken their awareness to the of the body, mind & soul connection!

Revati Beal

Teaches Hot Pilates

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Revati has always taken delight in expressing herself through fitness and exercise. Growing up she was heavily involved in gymnastics which prepared to become a Miami Beach X-treme Cheerleader. After graduating from Miami Beach Senior High School Revati went on to study Psychology, Humanities and Social Science at Tallahassee Community College. In 2013 she returned to South Florida and became a coach for the X-treme team. As a coach it was her job to push the team through their comfort zones. This included following practice with a grueling core workout. At this time she didn't think she had a future as a fitness instructor. It was just fun and easy for her. Revati went on to work for elite fitness names such as Equinox and Barry's Boot Camp. There she was exposed to a variety of training modalities and was heavily influenced by High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). She loves this modality particularly because it keeps her from getting bored and before you know it an hour has passed and your done! Revati took her first Hot Yoga class in December 2015. She quickly fell in love with yet another creative expression that incorporates mind body and spirit. When the opportunity came to become a Hot Pilates instructor she didn't hesitate to dive in. She knew all her past experiences had prepared her to serve as an instructor and it's one of the best decisions she has ever made. She feels incredibly blessed to hold space for the students that come to class. They are her most powerful reflections and is honored to be of service in this way. Her favorite motivational quote is, 'If you want something you've never had, do something you've never done.' When you come to class be prepared to be challenged and most importantly have fun!

Christin Buttel


Hot Yoga Fusion and Yin Yoga

Whether you are just beginning your yoga pilgrimage or you’re a teacher yourself, Christin’s warm enthusiasm sets the tone for a fluid class encouraging each participant to break through their boundaries. She comes from a long family lineage of teachers and it shows in her patience and compassion. She includes creative sequencing and is very focused on alignment to protect the practitioner’s body. Her classes have been described as deeply spiritual while creating a fun, cheerful environment. Christin often includes thought provoking spiritual lessons and mythology.
When she became disciplined in her personal practice, Christin started to experience an internal shift. She left her 8 year position as a social worker --with a deep desire to give the gift of yoga to the people in our community. She has completed multiple TTC’s in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of YOGA and holds ERYT 500 & ERYT 200 certs in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Meditation. Christin has pursued many avenues of continuing education including Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Yin yoga, hot Pilates certifications and also taken Zen Buddhist meditation workshops in the esteemed Shunkoin temple in Kyoto, Japan.
Her desire to bring an authentic and holistic experience to help heal her students from inside out has made her an eternal pilgrim. In her spare time, she volunteers with Big Brother/Big Sister program, animal rescue, enjoys playing guitar, painting and laughing shamelessly at her own jokes.


1. YES! We have parking!

2. Why the heat?

The heat, though overwhelming at first, is important for several reasons. First, it accelerates the warm up of muscles, bones, ligaments and joints for safer stretching, reshaping and proper body alignment. The heat also promotes sweating and thus the discharge of toxins. As your body releases the toxins, you may feel a bit dizzy or nauseous, but this is only temporary and with a consistent practice, you'll look forward to the invigorating feeling you receive after class. In addition, heat speeds up your metabolism and increases burning fat and calories. After you will feel liberated and free.

3. What if I have never done Hot Yoga or Hot Pilates before? Are there different levels of classes?

All of our classes are designed for beginner and advanced students alike. The idea is to do as much of each posture and exercise as you can to the best of your ability. Our certified teachers will guide you through the process from the start. Take a break when you need and join back in when you feel comfortable. Don't kill yourself (there will be plenty of time for that soon enough!) Nobody is looking at you; everybody is focused on themselves. Try not to feel intimidated. Remember, everyone in the room had their first class at some point. All we ask is that you do your best.

4. How often should I practice?

Come as often as you can. The more you do, the better you feel and the happier you are. When you first start, try to do the class everyday for two months. You need this time to allow your body to adjust to the dramatic changes that will take place. Try not to make a judgment on the practice or yourself and your ability after just a few classes. Posture by posture, day by day, you are making a commitment to yourself to become a better more fulfilled human being. Starting with the physical body, a strong body leads to a strong mind. We recommend doing at least 10 classes before you decide whether this practice and studio is for you or not. Daily practice, (6 or 7 days a week) will improve your body and mind and give you momentum, discipline and consistency not only on your mat, but also off your mat and into the world. After the initial start-up period, continue to practice daily if it works for you. Practice a minimum of 3 classes per week for life changing, body changing, mind changing results. Practice one day a week or whenever you can because something is better than nothing. The frequency of your practice depends on what you want to accomplish. There are no limits to what you can achieve.

5. I have old injuries, can I still practice?

Yes! Yoga in particular helps to break up scar tissue and get blood circulating into those areas. Through a consistent yoga practice you will be able to achieve an increased range of motion. In addition, our Hot Pilates classes are low impact and a great healing modality. If you have a specific injury concerning you, please speak to one of our qualified instructors. We will help you get the individual attention and modifications that you need.

6. How can I do yoga if I am not flexible?

If you are not flexible that is exactly why you should do yoga. Day by day your flexibility will increase. More importantly, yoga is much more than stretching it is a holistic approach to your well being. Focus on getting to know yourself and connecting to your body. The key is to observe your improvement without comparison and limit your self-imposed expectations. Everybody is unique and has a life story. What is yours?

7. Is it ok to practice while pregnant?

Generally, if you have a consistent Hot Yoga practice and become pregnant, you may continue practicing it in the heat. There are pregnancy modifications available and the Rajashree's Pregnancy Series is the best resource. If you have never practiced Hot Yoga and you become pregnant, this is not the time to plunge into the heated room. If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant, come in and have a talk with us.

Agni Etiquette

Following basic etiquette makes this practice amazing for all.
1. Please be on time for your class.
2. Plan to stay in the room for the duration of each class. Make sure you have everything you need with you before class starts and use the restroom before class. If you must go due to an emergency make sure you leave and re-enter between the postures and not during them.
3. All students are required to bring mats and towels to class.
4. All personal belongings (bags, shoes, socks, cell phones, watches, etc) must to be stowed in the locker rooms. You may only bring your mat, towel and water into class.
5. No gum chewing in class.
6. Water and coconut water are the only beverages allowed in the yoga room.
7. Drink water between the postures and not during them. It is best to hydrate throughout the day so you don't need to drink a lot during class. Too much water during class will fill your stomach and make you uncomfortable in the postures. Plus, it takes at least 45 min to absorb the water you drink so in-class drinking actually won't help you much. Try focusing on using your breath to carry you through the class.
8. No talking during the yoga classes. The teacher will be available before and after class to answer your questions.
9. Be respectful of others. Some students choose to be in silence before and after class for self reflection, meditation or centering. Please allow them this time.
10. We highly recommend that you do not use hand towels in class. They are not necessary. If you do use one, please only use it to wipe your hands and not while you are in a posture.
11. Respect the teacher at all times during the class. Please allow the teacher to exit the room first after final savasana.
12. Practice stillness between postures in the yoga classes. Avoid walking around or doing anything distractive.
13. Insure your feet and body are clean before entering the yoga room. Please refrain from wearing strong fragrances.
14. Give 100% effort always and do the absolute best you can do!

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