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Every month we honor a yogi or yogini for their amazing practice, dedication, improvement, attitude, and community work. If you'd like to nominate someone, send us your choice to info@agnimiami.com

Eric Ikonne

Yogi Of The Month

March 2015

1. When were you first introduced to Bikram Yoga?

One of my college friends is a Bikram Yoga teacher. She asked me for years to go, and in 2014 I finally tried it.

2. Please describe your first experience.

My first experience was really good. They played music during the pose, and I felt refreshed afterwards.

3. What is your favorite posture?

Probably half-moon pose because it took me forever to finally get my arms up in the air, but I felt so good when I did it.

4. Where are you from?

Rabbit pose is probably my least favorite because I always feel like I cant breathe.

5. What is your least favorite posture?

I am from Dallas, TX, but I lived in the Austin, TX for the 2 previous years.

6. How has yoga changed your life?

Yoga has changed my life in a very positive way. Every session allows me to draw closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because I can to think about all of the wonderful blessings he given me during the poses. The yoga practice has really changed my perspective on life in terms of focusing on my positive things to survive the tough times in my life. Also, I have gotten stronger and improved my cardiovascular stamina in the gym.

7. How has doing the 30 day challenge changed your life?

I will let you know when I complete my first one, lol.

8. What's your favorite restaurant in our neighborhood?, In the world?

My restaurant in the neighborhood is probably chipotle, because I love burritos. My favorite restaurant in the world is my moms food because I would rather eat her food, then ever eat out.

9. Who is a special inspiration to you?

My mom and dad are my inspiration. They taught me how to work hard, and treat people with respect and dignity.

10. What makes you smile?

I smile when my 3rd graders have fun learning.

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