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Every month we honor a yogi or yogini for their amazing practice, dedication, improvement, attitude, and community work. If you'd like to nominate someone, send us your choice to info@agnimiami.com

Brady Jacob

Yogi Of The Month

October 2014

1. When were you first introduced to Bikram Yoga?

Chelsea brought me to my first Bikram class almost three years ago at the Brickell studio.

2. Please describe your first experience.

I absolutely hated it. I had a very visceral reaction to the class; afterwards I was really irritated and I wanted to pick fights with the other yogis in the locker room. I swore that I'd never go back and didn't until almost a year later when some other friends took me to a class. I'm really glad I went to that one because I came out of it feeling amazing and ready to do it again. I've been coming to BYCM steady for a good year and a half now.

3. What is your favorite posture?

Camel was my favorite posture at the beginning because my backbend is naturally pretty strong, but lately, I love doing toe stand because I'm finally able to stay balanced and raise my eyes to meet my own in the mirror.

4. Where are you from?

Standing Head to Knee posture. I arrive at the yoga studio daily in hopes that Bikram himself has abolished that posture from the series.

5. What is your least favorite posture?

I grew up in Pittsburgh PA and moved to Miami when I was 18 to go to UM.

6. How has yoga changed your life?

It provides me with an activity that centers me. I can be having a horrible day; feeling anxious, lazy, hung-over, down in the dumps etc. but I know taking class will always make me feel better than I did. Being dedicated to the practice also positively affects my sleep schedule, my eating habits and my recovery time. I rarely show up to a DJ gig anymore without having taken class earlier in the day because of how centered and present it makes me feel.

7. How has doing the 30 day challenge changed your life?

That remains to be seen; I have yet to complete a 30-in-30 challenge. I just finished a 4 time per week challenge, which was more than enough challenge for me some weeks with my schedule being the way it is.

8. What's your favorite restaurant in our neighborhood?, In the world?

Suviche is my favorite local post-yoga recovery meal. So often during class I'm just laying there in savasana wishing I was eating ceviche. Not really sure what is my favorite restaurant in the world, there are still so many I have yet to try!

9. Who is a special inspiration to you?

My dad has always been a big inspiration to me. He was injured when he was 19 and became a quadriplegic. He never let that get him down and continued working hard along his path in life and now runs his own very successful business and has a loving family. He has taught me the definition of hard work and dedication.

10. What makes you smile?

Hearing someone fart inside the yoga room.

Brady...always good for a laugh! We are so grateful to have you as a member of our loving family!

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