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Every month we honor a yogi or yogini for their amazing practice, dedication, improvement, attitude, and community work. If you'd like to nominate someone, send us your choice to info@agnimiami.com


Yogi Of The Month

November 2016

1. When were you first introduced to Bikram Yoga?

Three years ago, I moved right next door to Danielle, who was a Bikram Yoga instructor at Bikram Central Miami. Danielle was so sweet, even drove me to the studio for classes!

2. Please describe your first experience.

Oh boy! I slipped on a water/mud puddle on my way into class, came in with light blue yoga pants on with black mud gook down the side. I was a hot mess from the start. What could be worse than the mud? I muddled through the class, so embarrassed I didn't feel the heat (much). PS never wore those pants again.

3. What is your favorite posture?

Ustrasana- I love the heart opening aspects of this posture!

4. Where are you from?

San Diego California - dry heat, soft breezes, and lots of the color brown.

5. What is your least favorite posture?

Dandayamana Janushirasana - I just can't balance on this, try as I might. Oh well.

6. How has yoga changed your life?

The increased flexibility and clean sweat has helped me regain youthful energy. I always feel GREAT after Bikram Central Miami yoga class.

7. How has doing the 30 day challenge changed your life?

I didn't think I could do it and now I feel empowered! I feel strong, flexible, vibrant, and balanced. Big Plus: the Hot Pilates has helped me shape up, too! I have made so many friends coming to yoga every day, and everyone is so nice, I feel doubly blessed.

8. What's your favorite restaurant in our neighborhood?, In the world?

Via Verde Cucina Rustica on 69th and Biscayne: incredible gourmet Italian, owned by two brothers who are super nice and always there to serve, it's a neighborhood gem.

In the world? That is a big plate to fill. I'll get back to you after a world tour.

9. Who is a special inspiration to you?

Bernie Sanders - the message Bernie has brought to America is inspiring and much needed. I admire his humility and truth. He is a light bearer, and I trust just one of many to usher humanity into the age of Aquarius.

10. What makes you smile?

My children, Rex and Mia - I am the luckiest Mommie in the world.

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