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What to Bring

Yoga Mat

All students are required to use a yoga mat. You can bring your own, or purchase/rent one at the studio.

Large Towel

Come prepared to sweat! A bath sized towel will keep you from slipping and absorb perspiration.


You can bring water to class. However, drinking too much water in class can make your stomach feel full and uncomfortable. The best advice is to stay hydrated throughout the day so that you need little or no water in class.

All of the above items can be purchased or rented at the studio.

What to Expect

Yoga and Pilates works every part of your body. These are challenging disciplines. Please, especially during your first few classes, take it easy and try not to get overwhelmed. Remember, everyone at one time had to take their first class. The room will be hot and you will sweat a lot. As you begin to sweat, your body releases toxins. As toxic substances leave the body, you may feel dizzy, nauseous, or uncomfortable. This is normal; do not worry. Take a break whenever you feel the need. Join back in whenever you feel better. Just do your best you will reap the benefits.

How To Prepare

1. Come to class well-hydrated. Always drink plenty of water throughout the day. Quantities vary from person to person depending upon weight, size, amount of activity, etc. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water or approximately 2 liters. If you are practicing daily you should drink more. Through consistent practice, you will raise awareness of your body and its hydration needs.

2. Do not eat or drink anything heavy 2-3 hours before practice. If your stomach is full, you will get sick or nauseous and will not be able to move freely in your body.

3. Arrive 15-20 minutes before the class to allow time for registration and orientation. This will also give you time to set up and look around the studio a bit.

4. Dress in comfortable, flexible clothing, but not loose fitting or long. The less clothing the better. Long sleeves or pants are not recommended. For men shorts are ideal and for women shorts and sleeveless top or sports bra. Our retail store offers stylish yoga wear for men and women.

5. When you first enter the room set your mat toward the back of the room (the wall that is not mirrored) and make sure you are facing the mirror. In this way, you can watch students in front of you until you become familiar with the postures and exercises.

6. During class, beginners should drink water whenever needed. As you become more accustomed to the practice and in tune with your hydration needs, drink water only in between the postures. Never drink during poses as it can be a distraction for the rest of the class.

7. Come with an open mind. Listen carefully, follow along and do the best that you can!

Welcome Letter

We are so glad you're here. You have made one of the best and most important decisions of your life. As you continue to come to class, you'll quickly see why this is so.

We would like to offer you some tips to help you make the most of your first few classes, as well as your yoga practice in general. We'll also include answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Hot Yoga.

Also, please feel free to come to any of our teaching staff with questions or concerns. They are all certified teachers and have many years of personal practice from which to draw as well.

Take your 2nd class within 24 hours of your first class.

You have awakened and stimulated every system in your body with your first class, even if it seems like all you did was struggle and sweat! With your 2nd class, your organs, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems receive 2-3 times the nourishment and healing that they did in the first class. Each class builds exponentially on the next.

Please take at least 10 classes as close together as possible.

We ask you to do this because you will feel like a new person, physically, emotionally and mentally if you'll take this step. You will feel some of the benefits of this yoga with just a class or two, but to really soar, you need the cumulative effect of at least 10 classes, so come as often as you possibly can (ask us about taking the 'Hot Yoga Challenge').

Do try to stay in the hot room.

While it's tempting to think about the cool lobby on the other side of the door, it's better for you if you can stay in the yoga room. Feel free to sit down if you feel a little dizzy or nauseated. You must honor, listen to, and take care of your body. It's perfectly ok to do only one set of a posture, or to skip a posture entirely. If you absolutely must leave the room, then make sure the teachers knows you've left and come back in as quickly as possible.

Focus on yourself entirely and be as still as possible between poses.

As you build your ability to focus your mind and still your body, the heat and struggle will soon disappear. Keep your mind focused on yourself in the mirror, and keep your inner voice speaking in a positive, supportive, and encouraging fashion. In this way, you'll have an exuberant class.

Come to class fully hydrated.

You will need to drink lots of water throughout the day in order to ensure that you're properly hydrated for class. If you feel headachy or over-tired during or after class, you may need to take an electrolyte supplement. Here at the studio we sell coconut water, wich contains potassium and electrolytes to help you rehydrate.

Don't take class on a full stomach.

Most people find that they need 2-3 hours between their meals and the class. However, some people need to eat just a little 'something' (a banana or smoothie, etc.) an hour or so before the class. As you practice this yoga, your own innate wisdom will emerge and guide you so that you learn to do what is right for you.

If you've had the flu or cold, take it easy your first class back.

Even a simple cold soothed with over the counter medication can make you dizzy and nauseated when you return to class. Please don't push yourself to do what you did before getting sick. Lie down if you feel dizzy, do only 1 set if you feel weak. In this way you will be back to normal quickly.

It's normal to feel emotions and even to cry, laugh, or feel anger in class sometimes.

This is a very powerful yoga that works at all levels to heal us. Sometimes tears will flow as you perform an asana (posture). This means that your emotional body is releasing energy and that you are healing psychologically and emotionally. You may or may not know what the emotions are about. Certain postures may elicit flashes of memory. Again, this is a kind of cleansing and healing, and it's both normal and very positive. Don't judge the experience and don't stop because you think something is wrong. Your yoga practice is working the exact way it is supposed to.

Certain postures may cause unusual experiences.

Many people experience flashes of light, electrical impulses, or unusual body sensations in certain postures. These are all normal. Old injuries may also re-emerge as aches or dull pain. We may be afraid that we are re-injuring ourselves and think we should stop coming, or come less often. The opposite is actually true. This is a part of the healing process, and we will heal faster if we continue our yoga practice and if possible, come more often (always check with your doctor if you have medical concerns).

Every class is different.

Let go of preconceived notions and experience each class like it's your first class. Your body is different every day, and it's normal for the class or certain postures to be easy one day and difficult the next. Please don't become discouraged and think that something is wrong if you have a difficult class. It's part of the process, and very soon the miserable class will be followed by one of the best classes you have ever had.

Yoga is a practice as well as a process; it's not about doing the poses perfectly.

No one is going to judge or criticize you. Your fellow students are working much too hard to notice you. As long as you give your best effort, and attempt all of the postures correctly, you will receive as much therapeutic benefit as someone who is able to do a posture with a high degree of flexibility, strength and balance. Your instructor may, from time to time, and always in a respectful and supportive manner, offer a suggestion or adjustment that will carry you deeper into a pose. As you continue to come to class, you will become more and more comfortable with yourself and with your yoga practice.

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